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Malte Huth

Dipl.Ing. Malte Huth at Maranello with F1-Ferrari-engine

In 1963, Malte Huth tested the first PTFE-containing substances during uphill- and circuit car races, and eventually won two times the title of a European vice champion of uphill car races on Porsche in 1967 and 68.
The climax was his victory at the 1,000 km Nürburgring Race. The first tough long distance tests for HIT-FLON®.

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Wallberg 1964 Berchtesgaden 1966 Vice champion 1967-68 Nürburgring 1968 Nürburgring


In the ‘60s, the Huth Company was appointed as a licensed commercial coating company by DuPont and Hoechst. So far the same production has been carried on.
Fields of application are: mechanical engineering, chemical, pharmaceutical, food stuff, textile, paper and plastics industries. That is: where caking or bonding are to be avoided and where gliding and separating features are to be enhanced.


In the ‘80s, formulas for do-it-yourself applications were developed.
The Ulm (Germany) Technical College issued a certificate stating the coating feature, patent authorities in Germany and the USA stating the patentability, and the German government the advantages for the national economy. Moreover, a demo engine running without oil was prepared.


Because of secrecy, only family members work for the Company. There are trade mark and domain rights in over 30 countries. Thanks to Google, there are marketing contacts in more than 80 countries.


HIT-FLON-certified "Fuel-Saving-Experts" take care of the pro market. Private customers make their purchases at the E-Shop.