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Fuel Saving


True Engine Coatings:

these are addition agents produced according to scientifically confirmed procedures like HIT-FLON® CONCENTRATE which is present in all HIT products.

Coating Effects:

these are Teflon-based products which “seem-as-if”, but do not have any scientific evidence. In this case you speak of coating effect.

False Coatings:

these are products having made no effort of giving scientific evidence.
Instead, consumers are deliberately deceived with preposterous, age-old test methods that not at all connected with coating or long-time effects.

Coating Function

A normal lubricating oil without additives. The roughness peaks on the piston and cylinder wall touch under load.

Typical wear process: the peaks break off and remain in suspension as foreign bodies. This wear inevitably results in greater play, which manifests itself as reduced compression, for example.

Lubricating oil with the addition of HIT-FLON® whose fluorocarbon particles of various sizes adjust to the different degrees of roughness.

The frictional energy generated at the roughness peaks as the piston moves up and down brings about fusion and deposition of the fluorocarbon particles on the peaks. The result is less friction and increased wear protection.